It's about ninjas in a café.

Preview pages for a new Ninja Cafe comic coming out soon!

It’s got a cafe manager ninja, platypus ninja, goat ninja, car chases, boss fights, a touch of wrestling and a robot! And a Mini with arms. Ninja arms.

There’s a story about friendship somewhere in there too.


NJPW Road to Dontaku 4/19, Korakuen Hall, Tokyo

by Zachariah Dominello

Twitter: @TheKoalaMask

Match 1: BUSHI, Tiger Mask and Jushin Liger Thunder vs. Mascara Dorada, El Desperado and Ryusuke Taguchi

It was good to see Mascara Dorada back in New Japan. He was one of the highlights of the…

TMATP - Page 61

TMATP - Page 61 #LastPage!

Let’s Ninja, Shall We?

And that’s a wrap! Hope you enjoyed the adventure of Bunny & Rink!

Stay tuned for more Ninja Café goodness. Now that this story is all wrapped up, we’ll be going back to our regular comic strips starting next week. But there are more adventures of Bunny & Rink still to come!

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TMATP - Page 60

TMATP - Page 60 #BigToe

Let’s Ninja, Shall We?

Who’s that Doctor Claw looking son of a gun?

Wow so that’s it! Story over! Hope you enjoyed it! If you’re lucky we’ll have a bonus page coming up, and then that’s it for reals!

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Unmasked, I Advance!


“Horror is the removal of masks” – Robert Bloch “Success is the removal of masks” – Koala Mask

I love masked wrestlers! One of my favourite promotions in Chikara because of their focus on masked heros and villains. I love the variety of masked characters, from the fun and wacky (Australia’s Bee Boy, Curry Man, Ophidian), to the dangerous and insane (Kobald and the Batiri). But for some…

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Indy wrestling’s buzziest star on getting into the business, wrestling in Australia and the road ahead.

I had the pleasure of meeting Bee Boy before his match at AWA Grindhouse Wrestling 2.3 where he very kindly agreed to take some time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions.


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